Rusty Cat Fuslapa
  • Rusty Cat Fuslapa

Rusty Cat Fuslapa


Rusty Cat Fuslapa

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This magnificent rusting animal can live in your garden, thrust into the lawn or screw to the fence, settle on the terrace or between the flowers. Made of steel sheet thick 1.5 mm, unprotected against corrosion, what makes natural rust. Handles to thrust or screw are provided with holes. Rusty Cat Fuslapa is a natural size, tinned, rusted cat that can beautify the garden and act as scarecrow for unwanted guests, or be a great gift for your friends. Warning! The cat is sold as not rusty, but only have the origin of rust and tiny scratches (photo in the grass) - it will rust in your garden. The patina on your cat may take different shades and shapes than on the cat presented in the picture.


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35 cm (13,75")
38 cm (14,93")
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