Terms and Conditions are based on the art. 8 paragraph 1 point 1 act from 18-th of July 2002 on providing services electronically (Dz. U. z 2002 r., nr 144, 1204 with changes) and art. 8 and 9 act from 30-th of May 2014.

Please read the Terms and Condition before any purchase.

The internet shop Blaszany Kot can be found at www.BlaszanyKot.pl . Andrzej Monczak, Truskawkowa Street 49B, 62-052 Komorniki, Poland runs it. REGON number: 631025738, CEIDG base registered.Contact details: contact panel on the store's website, by phone: +48 504388333 or in writing: Andrzej Monczak, Truskawkowa Street 49B, 62-052 Komorniki, Poland.


Shop – internet shop runs by Andrzej Monczak, available at http://www.BlaszanyKot.pl , selling goods over by Internet;Working days – from Monday do Friday, excluding Bank Holidays;Delivery time – time in which The Shop will prepare the order and will forward it to the delivery company chosen by the client;The Customer – a person with full or limited legal rights, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality making purchases in the store and having a client account;

Consumer – a person under art. 221 Civil Code;Customer Account - database containing customer data, which are being use for preceding the order;Traditional money transfer – payment through Internet bank account or by post office; E-transfer – payment made on-line through on-line system; Civil Code – act from 23-rd of April 1964Consumer Rights Act – act from 30-th of May 2014 Act of electronic services – act from 18-th of July 2002

I. Taking orders and execution of the orders

1. The Shop is selling goods via Internet. Information is available at www.BlaszanyKot.pl. Orders are being taken 24/7.

2. Valid e-mail address is essential for placing the order.

3. Information about good is an invitation to conclude a sales contract according to art. 71 of the Civil Code. Placing order will be treated as an offer to a sales contract. Every payment will be treated as a pre-pay for the order. This excludes payment at the time of the delivery.

After placing the order the client will get the specification of their order. This will be sent to their e-mail address.

4. Placing the order requires: choosing the goods, delivery and payment methods.

5. Confirmation of the order with all the essential details will be sent to the Customer after the placing will be completed. At that moment the sale contract is considered as included. The receipt or VAT invoice will be send with the goods.

6. In case of inability to fulfilling the order the Shop will send the information via e-mail whiting 7 days from the date the Customer placed the order. Pre-pay will be returned.

7. In case of inability to fulfilling a part of the order the Shop will send the information via e-mail and it will be up to the Customer to decide about the order. It can either be partial implementation or a resignation from the order. If the payment has been placed the money will be returned. Please see chapter VIII of this Terms and Conditions for details.

In case of lack of payment whiting 14 days from placing the order, the Shop will cancel the order. Appropriate e-mail will be send.

II. Changes in the order

The Customer is allowed to make changes in the order or to cancel the order until it will be ready to be handed over to the delivering company. All changes can be made by phone.

III. The prices

1. All prices are available on the website.

* The currency is  PLN, $, EU

* The prices includes taxes

* The prices excludes the delivery costs

2. The prices are subject to special offers, sales and changes. These will not affects the orders in progress made before the date special offers, sales and changes are being introduced.

3. Special offers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunctions, unless the terms and conditions state different.

4. Delivery costs are proportional to the value of the goods. The time and delivery method is to be chosen by the Customer. Information is available in the shop website.

IV. Delivery time

1. Information is available on the shop website.

2. UPS, DPD or Poczta Polska delivers the goods.

3. Condition of the parcel should be check upon the delivery. Any damage should be noted in the presence of the courier and will be needed to fill eventual complain.

V. Payment methods

 1. The Customer is entitled to choose the payment method. In case the payment upon the delivery the order will be preceded just after placing it through the Shop website.

2. In cases or bank transfer, payment through Internet bank account or E-transfer –payment made through on-line system the order will be preceded after payment confirmation on the Shop’s bank account.

 VI. Complains

1. All complains about the Shop can be made via email: kontakt@blaszanykot.pl and should include the name, address, date and kind of misstatement.

2. The store is obliged to deliver goods without defects. All goods are subject of two years warranty from the date of delivery and one year warranty from the date when the defect is discovered. The Customer is entitled to repair or exchange the goods, lower price or money back. If this will be the case the goods and the prove of payment with complain details should be sent back to Andrzej Monczak, Truskawkowa Street 49B, 62-052 Komorniki, Poland.

3. The Shop will deal with complain as soon as possible but no later than 14 days from receiving the goods. Adequate e-mail with the information about the result of the complain will follow.

 VII. The right to withdraw from the contract

1. According to Consumer Rights Act from 30-th of May 2014 the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in writing whiting 14 days from the delivery without giving the reason. Writing statement and goods should be sent back to Andrzej Monczak, Truskawkowa Street 49B, 62-052 Komorniki, Poland.

2. Returned goods need to be complete and in the same condition as upon purchase. The Customer need to be aware of the state of the goods and is responsible for it’s state. Any damage will be charge.

Any refund will be issued whiting 14 days. The payment for the shipment of the goods shall be borne by the Buyer.

 VIII. Money back policy

All refund will be issued whiting 14 days and no later than that. It is a subject of Consumer Rights Act.

 In case of credit/debit card payment or bank transfer the money will be returned on to the credit/debit card or bank account. The Shop reserves the right to check the identity of the Customer.

The Shop is not taking responsibility for any delays if it was due to lack of proper details such as name, address or bank account number given by the Customer.

IX Privacy policy

Our careful handling of your personal details is of a great importance to us. Therefore, we appreciate your trust that BlaszanyKot.pl handles your personal information conscientiously.

The contract"s content will be stored. You may store the terms and readily look them up. For safety reasons your  order"s data are not available via internet. We keep these data in confidence according to our privacy policy.

Information, which we collect from you is used for the processing of orders, the delivery of goods and the provision of services as well as for payment settlements. We also use your details in order to communicate with you regarding orders, products, services and to enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other services on our instructions. All your data will be kept strictly confidential.

You have the right to revoke any given consents at any times. You have the right to information about your stored personal data and the right to correction, blocking and deletion of the data.

In order to guarantee the safety of your information during transfer we use Secure Socket Layer Software (SSL). This software encodes the information, which you transfer. We maintain strict physical, electronic and procedural safety measures in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of our customers" personal information. We assume that there is no liability for data security during their transmission over the Internet (for instance due to technical problems of the provider) or for any criminal third party access to files of our website. However, it is important for you to protect yourself against the unauthorized access to your password and your computer. If you share your computer with others you should take great care to log out after each session. We assume no responsibility for the access into confidential customer login.

Use of Cookies: Permanent cookies are used at BlaszanyKot.pl, which are stored beyond the end of the current browser session. Data is collected using a web analysis tool (Google Analytics) using cookies that are able to generate pseudonyms for user profiles.

After completing the order and delivering the ordered goods, the Customers' data is permanently removed from the BlaszanyKot.pl store system.

X. Additional provisions

Sales agreement is made between the Customer and Andrzej Monczak, Truskawkowa Street 49B, 62-052 Komorniki, Poland.

 All goods can be found at www.BlaszanyKot.pl and according to the Civil Code they do not constitute an offer.

The Shop is not taking responsibility for any technical problems with Customer e-mail box or any e-mail blocking caused by programs installed on Customer’s personal devices.

The Shop is not taking responsibility for order delays caused by lack of proper details given by the Customer.

The Shop and it’s website is using cookies. The Customer has a right to use the website without cookies but that can lead to lack of some of website functions. The Customer can switch the cookies off at any moment on their personal devices.

All disputes between the Customer and the Shop will be subject of court decision under the Civil Code from 17-th of November 1964.

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law, in particular the Civil Code, the Act on Consumer Rights and Provisions of the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services shall apply.

Terms and Condition is valid from 12-nd of May 2018 until further notice.

The store reserves the right to change the Terms and Condition. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions enter into force on the date indicated by the Store, not shorter than 7 days from the date of making them available at www.BlaszanyKot.pl.

Orders placed before the effective date are implemented on the basis applicable on the day of placing the order.