Rusty Owl Nila


Rusty Owl garden ornament

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This unusual steel animal can live in your garden, thrust into the pot or screw to a fence or balustrade, it can settle on the shelf orfireplace. Owl is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel, unprotectedanti-corrosive, which will allow natural rusting. Handles for insertion orscrewing are provided with holes (stainless steel screws included).Owl Nila is natural size bird, resistant to weather conditions, thawill beautify your garden and play a role of the scarecrow for unwantedvisitors, or can also be a great gift for your friends. Owl is sold rustless (photo) - it will rust in your garden. The patina on your owl can take on other shades and shapes than on presented in the pictures.


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31cm (12,18")
18 cm (7,07")
0,15 cm (0.06")
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